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ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Dec 14, 2021

One of the more important issues that many men struggle with, and something I’ve struggled with in my past, is being inconsistent in practicing our faith. How does this look? Well, this looks like not spending time with God…not reading the Word…not slowing down long enough to get clarity in our lives. This inconsistency of faith shows up in other areas of our lives in the form of less peace, more stress, greater distractions and being more susceptible to the temptations, including…Getting caught up in focusing on Women, Wealth, and Winning too much. Ultimately, as a result of our inconsistency…we stray away from him and stray away from peaceful and productivity. We end up frustrated at ourselves for cyclically straying away and feel too ashamed to return to relationship with him.

We end up thinking…”I really ought to be more consistent. Will this viscous cycle of going to God, and going away from God ever change?”


Listen brother…I get it. I’ve been there. For the longest, this was the story of my relationship with God. About the only thing that was consistent was just how inconsistent I was.


Here’s a breakdown of how we think and what happens…


We definitely our faith and relationship with God is important enough to address and pay some level of attention to, but not important enough to prioritize.


We believe…

“I’m so busy…I don’t have time to commit to developing my faith.”


  • Life gets busy…spiritual life gets edged out
  • Next thing you know…you are feeling far from God
  • Then we end up living in such a way that is opposite of the man we desire to be


As a result:

  • Our faith becomes a part of life instead of the foundation our work and lives should reflect
  • Relationship with God becomes convenient and comfortable instead of consistent



HOWEVER, here is what I’ve found…

  1. Our relationship with God is not just A PART of our lives…but our lives fall APART without a consistent relationship with God.
  2. Greater the Cost = Greater the consistency. What I mean is this. What matters the most to us is…guess what? US!!! We were born and have always been selfish. We eat, breath, and sleep thinking about us and our problems. God asks for the exact thing we care about the most…which is us. Once we pay up…once we pay with ourselves, we WITH NO DOUBT become more consistent in our relationship with God. I can prove it! I paid almost $200K to go to medical school. And guess what…I CONSISTENTLY SHOWED UP. When we pay a significant cost for something, we will consistently show up. God is asking us to yield our lives, ourselves to him. I get it’s scary…but you have no idea the greatness that awaits on the other side of that cost! Better said…that investment of yourself to him!



Which leads me to the #1 reason why men struggle with consistency in their faith:




  • We fail to see or accept, that we really ain’t running things
  • We fail to accept help around us
  • We fail to follow something greater
  • We fail to yield to God as the only one who sits on the throne of our lives


Since we believe these things…then our behavior reflects it.

When we know we don’t know something…we are more willing to follow someone’s lead. Think about it:

  • When we lost, we ask for directions (at least I hope you do…lol) and yield to help from someone who knows more than us.
  • When we need expert advice, like from a doctor or a lawyer, we again yield to someone who knows more than us


Not until (1) you willingly admit you can’t do it on your own, OR (2) it hurts bad enough to ask for help, do we conclude that we need God.


That was my story. I tried to work on my actions…change my decisions…work harder…tried to focus more. It wasn’t until I finally said…”God, I need your help, and I can’t do life without you”, that things changed!


So how can we be more consistent in our relationship with God.


  1. Cost:
    1. We must pay the cost. We must INVEST in our relationship with God. We must continually invest more and more of ourselves. And as we do, we will experience more and more consistency. The greater the cost (aka investment), the greater the consistency. Therefore, we must yield.
  2. Community:
    1. When we surround ourselves with other ELITE MEN…men who desire to walk with God and value the importance of prioritizing a relationship with him, then we can improve our consistency with God.
  3. Chronicle:
    1. What I mean by ‘Chronicle’ is we must understand ‘The story of God’. Read the Bible and understand it is NOT a religious book. It is a great instruction manual on how to be effective in life


So, question…Are you willing to yield?


I want you to imagine a life of being the man you’ve desired and dreamed of being. It awaits on the other side of investing in your relationship with God, by yielding.


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Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad