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ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Jun 22, 2022

Everyone wants to progress in life but often what stops us is our ability to understand what progress means for us personally and assessing our life goals. 


Men, taking massive imperfect action is similar to putting a bandaid on a major bleed…it’s not fixing the underlying problem...which is a mindset issue.



Jun 8, 2022

Men, we all desire to have clarity in our lives! In our health, wealth, and relationships. 


However, we don’t spend enough time THINKING about what this means as we live in a world of “just get it done” or accept “ I don't know as the answer.” 


What if “ I don’t know “ is unacceptable ? 



Jun 1, 2022

Men, the challenge is that we all want to win.  But how do we know when we are winning?

Not all success is sustainable.  Not at all success is healthy.

You can be winning and losing at the same time.  You can be winning in at work but losing at life.

We define success by Material, Money, Media (social), Merit (what you...