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ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Nov 30, 2021

3 Critical Mistakes That Prevent Men from Reaching Their Full Potential


Truth be told, one of my greatest fears is that I will not reach the potential that God me put on this earth for. That I won’t complete my assignment. That I will fall short of what he’s asked me to do. This has kept me up many of nights…A fear and deep concern of not fulfilling my potential while here on earth.


And for many men it’s the same fear. However, it is a real thing that we are not currently fulfilling our potential. We are not showing up as the husband, father, business owner as we can be. We are allowing the ‘3 Killer S’s’ to destroy our life: Sex, Status, and Salary to destroy us. We are not optimizing our health, wealth, and have a distant relationship with God that is better described as convenient or have completely left him out of our work and lives. This causes us to feel frustrated, stuck and unfulfilled. We are left wondering, “Is this it?” “How did I succeed professionally but fall short in every other area of life?”


Listen though man…I’ve been there! I know exactly how you feel! There was a time in my life where I was successful, but stuck & unfulfilled. My life was burdened by painful & sinful decisions that, little did I know, was destroying my work and my life. Today I’ll share how I went from successful yet stuck to mastery of work and life.


We often think…if I can only succeed at my goals, then I will be fulfilled.

  • So we attack our goals with relentless pursuit
  • And we do it at the cost of our faith, our family, our fitness and overall wellbeing
  • And we become stuck! Stuck in our goals…Stuck in life.

…Ultimately living in fear of mediocrity. Living in fear of the constant cycle of staying stuck and wondering if we will ever advance past our demon of being stagnation: Being better than most, but not what we know we are capable of as men.


However, this is what I’ve discovered to be 3 critical mistakes we make that keep us stuck and failing to get to the next level in our work and life:


  1. Isolation: We hide when we are struggling
    1. This is exactly what Adam did in the Bible. Made a mistake…led to shame…and then hid. We do the same thing.
    2. Solution: Community. Once I got around a community of like-minded men that were where I wanted to be in life…I began to get unstuck.
  2. Ignorance: We fail to seek knowledge that can get us to the next level OR we look for knowledge in the wrong places
    1. We lack knowledge of Mindset
    2. We lack knowledge of Identity
    3. We lack knowledge of Purpose and Influence
    4. This knowledge is ALL in the greatest peak performance guide ever: The Bible
    5. Solution: Curriculum…Biblical knowledge. Once I did this, I began to have practical ways to tap into my potential as a man.
  3. Inflation: Pride. The unwillingness to ask for help. Think we know it or can figure it out on our own
    1. This is the biggest killer!!
    2. Definition of inflation: a persistent, substantial rise in the general level of prices related to an increase in the volume of money and resulting in the loss of value of currency. Basically, the more inflation and pride we have the less value we provide as husbands, fathers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders!
    3. Solution: Coaching and Mentorship…ASK FOR HELP!!!! GET HELP!! This will accelerate your results!!
    4. Every area where I have eventually received help and coaching has had exponential growth in the shortest possible time. This is the secret to success…but really isn’t a secret at all.



Action: Here is what I want you to do…choose 1 of the 3 above to work on. Either community, curriculum, or coaching. But remember, seeking help will ACCELERATE your results.


Imagine what it would be like to reach the level of performance in your work and life that you’ve dreamed of. Imagine fulfilling your potential…and having the income, impact, influence you’ve always imagined. Imagine becoming the ELITE MAN that you desire to be, that God made you to be, and that I know is inside of you! It’s closer than you think…but you must give up isolation, ignorance, and inflation…and seek help!


If you need help, book a 1:1 Discovery Call with me at


Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad