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ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Nov 16, 2021

A Key To Overcome Inconsistency


Have you ever known you are supposed to doing a certain action but you still don’t do it? Have you ever been inconsistent at something…are aware of it…but still choose not to do it?


I understand. I’ve been there before…many of times. Too many to count.


Why is it important?

  • Consistency is required for lasting results. Without consistency…we can kiss our results goodbye.


How it manifests

  • It shows up in every aspect of life
    • Faith: Not spending time with God and the Word
    • Family & Relationships: Not spending time with family and wife
    • Health: Not working out
    • Wealth: Not saving money
    • Career: Not advancing in career or business


We often think this way to attempt to be more consistent…

  • “I just need to work harder, focus more, and/or take it more serious”
  • This turns into temporary motivation
  • And ends up leading right back to where you started
  • Now you become afraid to set a goal again because of fear of failure and lack of commitment and consistency


7 Reasons why we are inconsistent:

Why are we inconsistent? Why do we lack commitment?


  1. We fail to understand the cost of inconsistency. It costs us more than we think by not being consistent.
  2. The commitment to our goal doesn’t cost us enough. The greater investment, the greater commitment.
  3. We don’t understand our identity, and our gifts and talents. We were not made as inconsistent beings. But we will be more consistent with tasks that employ our God-given gifts and talents.
  4. Distraction: We allow ourselves to do things that don’t optimize the efficiency of our time. We are typically consistent in things we enjoy doing or that bring us joy. And inconsistent toward things we are not excited about.
  5. Lack of clarity on what we want. Lack of clarity leads to doing tasks that are not congruent with what we really want.
  6. Low capacity: Our mindset doesn’t allow us to operate at a higher capacity
  7. Pride & Selfishness: Trying to do it all on our own



What I’ve found is that consistency and commitment has nothing to do with working harder. It has everything to do with investment and cost.


“Your Level of Commitment and Consistency toward a goal is equal to the level of Investment or Cost of Inconsistency”



The way to accelerate results is to get help. Period! This costs you your pride and selfishness because you have to be willing to do things their way. The reason why you are consistent is because you’ve been attempting to do it your way this whole time…that’s why it’s not working.



It doesn’t matter the goal…Commitment & Consistency is equal to investment of acceleration or cost of inconsistency

  1. Health: Money for personal trainer…or heartattack
  2. Marriage: Counseling…or potential divorce
  3. Career/Business: Money for leadership training…or fledgling business
  4. Finances: Money for financial expert/education…lack of wealth
  5. Faith: Costs you your pride and selfishness…or death


The reason investment works:

  • We show up when we invest a lot of resources.
  • We justify the cost when we invest. We look for the positive things in whatever we invest in.
  • You cannot place a monetary gain on what happens from the investment


Things to do:

  1. Pay someone
    1. Make the investment an uncomfortable investment toward yourself so that you show up. Similar to the way I showed up for medical school because it was an investment of $200,000. This level of investment created consistency and commitment on my part
  2. Fast forward the end
    1. Think about all the consequences that will happen if you remain inconsistent. Play it forward. You can avoid those outcomes and lack of results by being consistent now.


God is proof and the perfect example of this idea. The reason he is so committed to us is because our salvation cost God the life of his son. Jesus is committed to us because our salvation cost him his life! Thank God!


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Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad