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ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

May 26, 2022

It’s not hard to start a new habit, but it is hard to STICK a new habit!  The reality can be very hard to start a new habit.  You need to develop a level of consistency to build a new habit.

The biggest issue to sustain a new habit is implementing methods only.  We even try to schedule the new method to make it stick. 


But the formula is new method plus mindset to make it the new habit stick.  You cannot not consistently behave in a way that is incongruent with who you believe yourself to be.

You cannot out method a poor mindset!


You need clarification!

You need io identify the behaviors.

You need to have imagination, envision you doing the new habit.

You need to participate!


let's talk about it !


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Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad