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ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Sep 14, 2021

Succeed in Your Goals Without Neglecting What Matters


Fulfillment is the precursor to success, not the product of success


Many of us are stuck & unfulfilled…despite our success. Despite the goals we’ve achieved and the material things we’ve accumulated we still feel like, “there’s GOT to be more to life than this”. We often ask…”Is this it?”.  


It is not uncommon for high-achieving men to think…”If I can succeed at the next goal, then I’ll be fulfilled”. Our fulfillment is directly tied to some achievement or measurable success.


This way of thinking fuels a drive to succeed at our goals in order to soothe an underlying lack of fulfillment in our lives…and are completely unaware of it. Our lack of fulfillment becomes our motivation to succeed….because if we ‘can just achieve our goal, then we will be fulfilled’.


This results in achieving the goal, but still feeling stuck, and your goals coming at the COST of your fulfillment, instead of your fulfillment being the CATALYST for your goals.


Here is what I’ve learned…


Fulfillment is what you are REALLY looking for…not success. You just believe success is going to fulfill you.


Ultimately, we are looking for lasting fulfillment in all the places that only provide temporary satisfaction.


What I’ve learned is that in order to succeed at your goals, without it costing you your fulfillment…we must flip the current way of thinking…


Fulfillment is the PRECURSOR to success, not the product of success!

Fulfillment First, Success Second!!


We have it backwards…it’s not success first, fulfillment second. It’s fulfillment 1st, Success 2nd .


The goal is to attach your fulfillment to something that will not be affected by circumstances out of your control. Unfortunately, we place our primary source of fulfillment in things external from us that we have little control over including…

  • Our work
  • Our success
  • Our status
  • Our relationships
  • Our health
  • Our wealth


The goal is to be 100% fulfilled before you ever set foot in your building for work, before you ever get the promotion, before you ever earn a certain amount of money, before you engage within a relationship. To have your cup full, before you ever have to fill the cups of others.


The only thing that is NEVER going to move or change due to the circumstances of life is God. We have complete control over this relationship because God is ALWAYS there and available and willing to build this relationship. However, we are in control of whether we engage in his invitation for the relationship.


For example: It’s like grocery shopping when you are hungry. When I grocery shop while I’m hungry (aka, not full), I continue to make poor choices of what I’m purchasing because I’m looking for things to fill my appetite and quench my hunger. However, when I grocery shop and I’m full already, I don’t make poor choices because I’m not purchasing things based on a need to satisfy my hunger.

Life is very similar. If we are unfulfilled, we look for things that will satisfy our hunger that is only temporarily filling. However, when our cup is perpetually filled by God, then I make better choices, because now I’m not making decisions to satisfy an underlying lack of fulfillment.


Benefits of fulfillment first:

  • Emotional stability: You don’t experience the rollercoaster of emotions associated not succeeding
  • Peace of mind = Better decision making: We don’t make decisions that compromise our character
  • No pressure!: We have no added pressure to succeed because we are already fulfilled. Pressure produces added stress, and stress is NOT consistent with peak performance.


How to build this relationship with God

  • Reserve time & space:
    • Create consistent daily time and space both in your schedule and a physical space at home where you’ll invest in building your relationship with God. For me it’s first thing every morning in my office.
  • Open your heart
    • Any meaningful relationship requires us to open our hearts and be vulnerable and transparent. This relationship with God is no different.
  • Daily time
    • This MUST be practiced daily. I can’t say this enough. Consistency of this daily practice will dramatically create change in your life in the form of greater fulfillment and sustainable success that doesn’t come at the cost of what really matters!

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Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad