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ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Nov 2, 2021

I know we all want to succeed. But for many of us the question is…how do we simultaneously succeed AND maintain our faith and relationship with God? Is it really possible to succeed professionally without sacrificing your faith?


For many of us success has come at a great sacrifice. It has come at the cost of…

  • Our faith
  • Our family and marriage
  • Our Personal relationships
  • Our Health


For many of us we believe that you must choose between one or the other…Choose between success OR faith and fulfillment. We’ve been lead to believe that success and a strong faith and walk with God cannot happen at the same time.


Since we accept this belief as truth, we end up choosing success…but success that comes at a great cost.

Also, since all we see are examples of success costing people their personal lives…then we feel that there’s really no other way.


Therefore, we hunt success and justify not being close to God, not spending time with our spouse and children, and not prioritizing our health. Eventually, we achieve but we look at what it cost us…

  • Feeling far away from God
  • Marriage that feels more like having a roommate
  • Children wish you spent more time with them
  • Relationships that are transactional
  • Health is not optimal…high stress and high blood pressure


And we justify our actions by saying…”I’m busy….busy building my dream”. We say “once I achieve” or “when I have more time”, then I will…

  • spend more time with God
  • spend more time with family
  • and do all the things that matter


We edge God out of our lives saying we don’t have the time to spend more time with Him and wonder why our lives aren’t working. The reason our lives aren’t working is because we aren’t working with God.



Here’s what I found…


Faith must come first, if I want to succeed without it costing your  life and fulfillment.


Your personal relationship with God MUST come above all if I want everything you’ve ever dreamed of.


You don’t have to choose between success and faith. As a matter of fact…your level of success IN ANYTHING is completely dependent on your level of personal relationship with God and the faith that comes from that.

  • Personal relationship with God is the path to peak performance.
  • Personal relationship with God is the path to success and being highly effective in what you do.


There are 2 different ways to achieve your goals:


  • Without God: When we try to succeed without God, it costs us our sweat, and sorrow from the relationships we sacrifice to achieve our goals.


  • With God: When we try to succeed by prioritizing our faith and personal relationship with God, the currency is faith…the currency is letting go of how you want to do it. The currency is surrendering.


My story: I tried to succeed without God and it nearly cost me my marriage, my family, and certainly cost me my fulfillment. It wasn’t until I started working WITH God, that I experienced my work & life being more effective than it ever had working alone.


Having it ALL…which is the ability to achieve at a high-level, and have great integrity, and great relationships and get it all done, is contingent upon a strong relationship with God.


One of the main reasons why faith must come first in order for you to succeed is because your relationship with God will serve as your primary means of fulfillment, instead of trying to replace the incomparable lasting fulfillment from God, with temporary fulfillment from your achievements. Being fulfilled by God will cause you to live life from a place of abundance and eagerness to serve others from your filled cup.


So here is the challenge: Live out Matthew 6:33


“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you”


Believe it, and trust it.


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Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad