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ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Nov 23, 2021

“We seek the approval of other people at the demise of our soul…”

  • Pastor Vincent Campbell


Ain’t that the truth!!


Pastor Vincent Campbell is a BEAST when it comes to leading and mentoring men! I’ve had the privilege to see him speak live at multiple men’s conferences and after hearing his personal story and the impact he’s had on other men (including myself)…I HAD to interview him. He is the lead pastor at The Faith Center in Atlanta and an author, successful entrepreneur of multiple businesses, and national speaker.


In this interview we discuss why men prioritize our success in our career and business over our success in other areas of life (i.e. faith, family, health, etc.). He talks about the difference between ‘success vs pseudosuccess’ and how pseudosuccess is destroying our lives. He believes one of our problems is that we seek to be validated as men in all the wrong places.


We then talk about the tips and strategies that he believes we should apply to begin to live like ELITE MEN…by succeeding at work AND winning in life. He talks about the 3 H’s men need to address in order for us to overcome the problems preventing us from being ELITE. We also discuss two (2) ways men can learn…either by (1) mistakes or (2) mentors. We both agreed that mentorship is a much better way to learn because it limits mistakes.


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See you soon,

Dr. Brad