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ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Oct 19, 2021

“Our fulfillment is rooted in clarity of our identity”


Hold on to your seats!!! This interview is REAL, RAW, AND RELEVANT to you and your life!!


WOW! This was one of the most energetic and also one of my favorite interviews! Myron Edmonds is a pastor, leadership consultant, author and Founder of The Winning Circle coaching for men.


So many nuggets & bombs dropped in this interview! Myron talks about how we as men ‘don’t have to have it all together’…yet this stereotype we continue to fulfill is one in which we hide behind trying to be perfect in the world. When we feel like we have to have it all together…we fall victim to not being authentic and vulnerable, which causes us to lead these secret lives filled with distractions and devices that draw us farther and farther away from our full potential. Vulnerability and authenticity is the cure for this…which are IMPERATIVE traits to being an ELITE MAN.


He talks about the difference between the ‘persona’ vs the ‘person’ and the problems we create for ourselves when these two ideas become disconnected…which leads to what he describes as a ‘Crisis of Faith’.


The good news is he gives us some GREAT practical things we can do as men to eliminate this ‘Toxic Masculinity’ from our lives and how we can become the men we’ve all envisioned for ourselves.


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See you soon,

Dr. Brad